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As a global project launched in 2005 with the support from Shinhan Financial Group, the Dream Team of Disabled Youths, Go to 6 Continents meets its participants in the 14th term this year.

828 persons who participated in the project between 2005 and 2017 found in the Dream Team of Disabled Youths a turning point in their life, thus pioneering their future and planning their life.
And through its visits to 48 countries on the six continents, the Dream Team of Disabled Youths adopted as its slogan the direction of its operation, took the lead in the introduction and change of various issues involved in the welfare for disabled persons, and addressed the disabled youths in South Korea and the rest of the world with the pioneer’s path and hope.

Those youths who take the leading role in observing the worldwide welfare practices and the disabled lives and bringing about changes there, from ’the passion and initiative of global leaders’ and ‘Leave no one behind!’, now meet as the Dream Team, going beyond initiative and growth and thereby creating an echo that touches the world.