Shinhan Financial Group Chairman Message 2018-09-12T23:10:48+00:00

Shinhan Financial Group Chairman & CEO Message


Shinhan Financial Group has since 2005 steadily supported the Dream Team of Disabled Youths with the aim of providing a overseas training opportunity for discovered disabled youths with initiative and thereby nurturing them as leaders of our future society.

The overseas training for the Dream Team provides a significant opportunity for youths to explore answers in their chosen topics through their diverse experiences on the six continents.
The members of the Dream Team will get a chance to contemplate on bigger goals in life and dreams, armed with the confidence that they can have the joy of achievement through initiatives.
Furthermore, I believe that the Dream Team’s growth through the initiatives will serve to bolster the courage and hope for the South Koreans who are lately confronted with various difficulties.
I hope that you will get the confidence that you can do it and try to push the boundary, thus proudly pioneering your future.
Passions lie where there are dreams. Initiatives lie where there are passions.
Very proud that we are part of this uplifting initiative, Shinhan Financial Group will do its best to fulfill its social responsibilities.
Thank you.

Shinhan Financial Group Chairman