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RI Korea President Message

The Dream Team of Disabled Youths started as a project, envisioning youths with disabilities carrying their backpacks and notebooks taking airplanes to get beyond the Republic of Korea airspace and travel in and out of different continents, thus taking initiatives around the world.

When we recruited the first batch of the Dream Team project and sent folks overseas, we had this big concern that our disabled youths should run into some accidents, considering that people without disabilities often get involved in accidents while transiting through several overseas airports.
However, our anxiety turned out to be falsely grounded. The first team has grown much from who they were at the outset, having returned from their adventure into the big wide world and people in it.
Ever since, all the youths who have joined the Dream Team of Disabled Youths and taken the plunge into the world have created miracles by overcoming the barrier of bias.
We now ask our youths to act front and center in the world and confront the world instead of succumbing to your disabilities. I want to emphasize that as youth has passion and get-up-and-go, we can achieve what we want by doing our best.
Take the initiative! It will let you take the lead in your life by providing crucial power to change your life.
The initiatives and passions of our youthful members of the Dream Team of Disabled Youths will build a trailblazing journey for the youths of South Korea and the rest of the world and strike a lot of youths with disabilities as living hope.
Looking ahead, Rehabilitation International Korea will provide active support to the dreams and visions of those who take the initiative on the Dream Team of Disabled Youths.
Thank you.

RI Korea President