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Korea Team Program Outline

1. The main activity target

  • Visiting organization / Agency: To understand comprehensively various disability policies, services and disability movement in Korea by visiting disability organizations, governments, public agencies, companies, etc.
  • Exchanges of people-to-people: To understand comprehensively and thoroughly practical welfare services for persons with disabilities and lives for them through interviews with Korean youth with disabilities, experts and etc.
  • Exchanges of country-to-country: To understand disability issues of participant country and share experience and vision as a persons with disabilities by hosting the official seminars.
  • Evaluation of study program: To evaluate study satisfaction in Korean and establish future action plan of participants (To explore possibility to apply experience to their own country)

2. Information on the recruitment

  • Qualification of the Applicants: Youths with disabilities in the Asia-Pacific (Age: 18~34)
    • Disability-related field work experience
    • International development-related work experience
    • To be able to commit oneself to a full-time program 2 weeks away from home
    • Competent in English (To be able to make a presentation in English)
  • Method of the Application: By email []
  • Support: A return flight ticket and all the expenses incurred by conducting the program are funded by RI Korea, Shinhan Financial Group.
  • Required Documents for Submission
    • Application Form (Filled out)
    • Two Manuscripts written according to the theme 1, 2
    • Certificates (Employment, Student Status): Reference can also be submitted.
    • Reference from work or school (university)
    • Basic needs and opinions (Google Survey)

3. Schedules(Usual)

  • Overall Program Schedule※ This schedule and visiting institution are changeable. The visiting organizations and theme(issue) will be finalized in accordance with the desires of the finalists after collecting opinions of the candidates.


    day Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    Main Contents · Visiting Organization Arrival Government (Ministry of Health and Welfare) Government Agencies (2place) Agencies Related Disability Inclusive International Cooperation (KOICA, KODDI) Company and disability-related social enterprises Seminar at General Assembly Accessibility Tour In Seoul


    day Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    Main Contents · Visiting Organization Accessibility Tour In Seoul Visiting Disability Organization Visiting Disability Independence Living Center Institutions / organizations recommended by finalists * Comments will be collected Camp with entire Challenge team members *Conference on Life with a disability and vision by Youth with Disabilities Departure

4. Process and Criteria of screening

  • Process of screening

    1st Step

    •  Manuscript Screening

    2nd Step

    • Phone Interview

    Final Result

    • Individual notice by email


  • Criteria of screening
    Categories Point Reference contents
    Disability type, country assignment, career 20 Basic information / Career in Application Form
    Need and desire to Participate and further action plan after training 10 The fidelity of the content Motivation for the program / Interests in disability study or activities in Application Form
    recommendation and reliability 10 The fidelity of the content of Reference from work or school (University)
    Ability to self-express 20 The fidelity of the content/responds and Communication skill of Phone Interview
    Manuscript writing ability
    I. Theme 1:Disability and International DevelopmentII. Theme 2:Life with a Disability and Vision
    20 The fidelity of writing and the content of manuscript (Theme 1,2)
    Total 100

5. Contact

  • Person in charge / Deputy Director of Department of expernal Strategy / RI Korea
    • Contact person will be informed later
    • Email:
    • Tel: +82-(0)70-4012-7002, +82-(0)2-3472-3526 Fax: +82-(0)2-3472-3592

※ Reference. Schedule of 2017 Dream Team Korean Team Training

Date Organization to visit Program Activity/ Subject
1st day Hotel – Arrival / Airport pick-up

– Orientation

2nd day Ministry of

Health & Welfare

– Korean disability policies and services

• Disability welfare policy in general and the


• Understanding Incheon Strategy

3rd day Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled – Governmental responsibility and initiatives in

promoting employment of persons with


– Experiencing assistive devices

NAVER – IT and Digital Life of Korea

– Corporate Social Responsibility activities

– Tour / meeting with experts

4th day Press Center – Inauguration Ceremony of Global Challenge of

Youth with Disabilities 2017

Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities – Introduction of RI KOREA and the 60 years of

Korea disability welfare’s history

5th day Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination – History and prospect of disability movement

• Realizing the mobility rights and social

integration of persons with disabilities

Disability Discrimination Act of Solidarity in Korea – History of enactment of the Disability

Discrimination Act

6th day National Rehabilitation Center – Introduction of NRC

– Experiencing assistive devices

KBS – K-pop concert

– The Korean Wave experience

7th day Seoul City Tour – Insa-dong- Gyeongbok Palace-Itaewon

– Nanta performance

8th day Seoul City – Shopping/ free time
9th day Dot

(Social Enterprise)

– Tour

– Experiencing products


(Social Enterprise)

– Tour
10th day National Assembly – Seminar on disability and international


– Meeting with members of National Assembly

11~13th KOICA – Tour

– Disability-inclusive international cooperation


Kobaco Training  Institute – Camp with entire Challenge team members

★Special Lecture of Sang-chul Lee

(the former CEO of LG U+)

– 2017 Conference on Life with a disability and

vision by Youth with Disabilities